Wifi Speed test

Wifi Speed test

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Do you notice that WiFi is slow within your company? Then it is wise to have a WiFi scan performed. The requirements for today’s wireless networks are far from the requirements as they were 5 to 10 years ago. WiFi used to be “useful and fun to have”, but nowadays it is a primary indispensable link. Where coverage was the starting point, the user now asks for capacity. Laptops, with defined WiFi specifications, have been replaced by the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend. For an optimally functioning and stable network, a thorough Site Survey (network measurement) with Spectrum Analysis is therefore important!

Faster WiFi with more capacity

Mapping jammers | Optimize Wifi usage | Can also be used on Bring-Your-Own-Devices

Spectrum Analyse

We perform an extensive WiFi speed test and a WiFi scan on the basis of a Spectrum Analysis. The Spectrum Analysis means that we map your WiFi capacity with a WiFi scanner. With this we determine the future radio spectrum (2.4 GHz. And 5 GHz. (Keyword is Wifi 2.5 or 5 ghz or wifi 2.4 vs 5 ghz or wifi 2 4 ghz 5 ghz). clean ‘enough. We also identify sources of interference that affect the channels that the Access Points use for communication with the WLAN devices. Think of jammers such as a microwave or security cameras. We also determine the channel and power settings for optimal design of the radio spectrum. After completing the measurements, L’Comp draws up a report of the measured values, on the basis of which we issue network advice for a suitable tailor-made solution.

Wifi scan

Measuring is knowing! Set up a WiFi network without the output of a skilled Site Survey (network measurement and WiFi scanning) on ​​location? That is asking for trouble! The measurement on location is the starting point for the realization of a reliable WLAN. It provides insight into the required hardware, the precise positioning and the settings such as channel selection and transmission powers. In addition, the L`Comp specialists also map out the preconditions. Think of the cabling and the presence of sufficient switch ports and the provision of the correct Power over Ethernet support. Here too, measuring is knowing! At L’Comp we offer a free Wifi Scan. Then we measure your current situation and you immediately gain insight into opportunities for improvement.

The Fast Online Wifi Speed ​​Test

Do you want to immediately gain insight into the current status of your WiFi. Then perform this WiFi speed test online. Then you will immediately see how fast your WiFi is now functioning and whether you need the more extensive Site Survey.

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