ICT management

ICT mana-gement

L’Comp your reliable IT manager

At L’Comp you hire a remote IT administrator. We provide all Managed Services that ensure that your IT environment runs smoothly. Nowadays ICT is one of the most important parts of an organization, if not the most important. L`Comp recognizes this importance and guarantees the continuity of your ICT. L`Comp offers a fully outsourced IT / ICT management for SMEs with 5 to 150 workstations.

Your “own” external IT department, accessible and always available!

We want to guarantee your business continuity, so that you can focus on your core business.

ICT support or distance | Workplace management ICT | 24/7 accessibility

ICT management activities

When you hire L’Comp for your IT activities, we take the following activities off your hands:

  • Perform update
  • Workplace management ICT
  • Rectify faults
  • Solving IT problems and answering user questions
  • Setting up and implementing IT policy.
  • System management
  • Cloud IT management and IT security
  • IT advice for Microsoft, Mac OS and Microsoft Azure platform
  • ICT Application Management, such as: Microsoft Office, Office 365, MS Exchange server, MS SQL and MySQL based applications
  • Providing software licenses and IT contract management

Remote monitoring for IT management and maintenance

To ensure that your IT works as optimally as possible, we can continuously monitor your processes remotely to see how your IT is performing. In this way we identify issues on time, so that you are not hindered by them. We also ensure that your ICT remains fully up to date.

Workplace management ICT: management on location

You may need physical support at your workplace. We can come by ad hoc or at fixed times to help your employees when there are issues or when they have questions.

24/7 Support Desk

L`Comp Automatiseringen B.V. has its own support department with technical professionals who are aware of the customer’s situation. A personal approach that works. With us, you get the same CT manager, so you don’t have to explain the situation over and over again. Also part of our managed services is that we are available 24 hours a day in case of malfunction or other problems. Of course we try to monitor problems on time and we use automated activities to perform ICT management as adequately as possible. But you may need us at an unusual time. Even then we will be there for you.

Outsource ICT management

At L’Comp you can easily outsource your IT management. You then have your flexible external IT department at your disposal, which is available day and night. Do you have your own system administrator? To this end, we also offer the option of on-call IT support and we can spar with him or her when it comes to taking “difficult” decisions. This way you and your system administrator can also benefit from our IT expertise, gained over more than 30 years. Because no organization is the same, we offer our customized IT services, tailored to your organization, wishes and budget. We would like to inform you about the possibilities! L’Comp is located in Landsmeer. Due to our location, we offer nearby ICT management in Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Purmerend, Zaandam and the rest of the areas surrounding Amsterdam city.

Our Services

More is needed than just delivering a product. We offer an agreement for general management and accurate care in case of incidents. A relieve for you.

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