Phone repair

Phone repair

Phone repair L'Comp

At our location in Landsmeer we have our own technical service where we carry out telephone repairs and pre-installation for both business and private customers. We carry out various types of repairs, such as replacing a screen, repairing keys or buttons on the telephone and batteries. In addition to repairing your phone, you can also contact us for repairs to tablets.

Your old phone as good as new.

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If you have a broken or malfunctioning telephone, you can go to our location to have it repaired professionally. After repair on your phone, you have a 6 month warranty on the repaired part.

Mobile phone repair

Reparatie telefoon


You can contact us for the repair of both mobile phones and fixed (VOIP) phones. In the case of mobile phones, for example, we can replace the screen within a day. Contact our location in Landsmeer. The costs of telephone repairs are from € 47.49.

Telephone repair nearby

L’Comp is located in Landsmeer. We are therefore also easy to reach for telephone repairs for residents or companies in Amsterdam. But also in the north of Noord-Holland, such as Alkmaar, we provide telephone repairs for many companies and individuals. We have now become heavily dependent on our telephone, both for private and business purposes. You do not want to spend too long with a non-working phone. Thanks to our fast and personal service, we try to help you as quickly as possible. This allows you to use your phone again within optimal time.

Phone repair iPhone

We repair phones of various brands, including iPhone and Samsung. This includes repairing the home button, making the phone dust-free, repairs to the camera and sound. You can visit our location in Landsmeer with your phone or contact us by phone, so that we can offer you tailor-made advice.

Phone repair? Please contact us

Our technical service with over 30 years of experience is at your service. Fast and personal service is our priority. There is no need to walk too long with a malfunctioning phone. You also do not have to buy a new phone right away. We repair your phone quickly and professionally, so that you can enjoy a phone that is as good as new again.

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