System and network management

System and network management

Outsourcing system management & network management

If you want to outsource your network or system management, L’Comp is the right place for you. We support you and your company in all areas of system management ICT. With us you can hire a system administrator with a lot of experience. This gives you all the knowledge you need without having to hire a permanent employee. That way you can focus on your organization carefree and without too much costs. With over 30 years of experience and 24/7 support, L’Comp is the right partner for you.

What is System Administration and Why Do You Need It?

By system management ICT we mean setting up, maintaining and updating all computers and systems within your company. For example, the system administrator is responsible for all physical parts of the hardware, such as monitors, keywords, motherboards, video cards, etc. By setting up the systems, apart from the PCs and laptops, we also mean telephony, servers and printers. In addition, the system administrator is also responsible for solving problems and of course preventing them. This is done by updating software on the computers, installing anti-malware software and setting up firewalls.

Network management

Network management within your organization is essential to keep your business running. A bad network leads to frustration for your staff and your customers. This leads to a waste of time and increasing costs. L’Comp has an experienced team ready, so you always have a network manager who you can deploy immediately. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have a problem with your network, we will help you out quickly.

Systeembeheer en netwerkbeheer uitbesteden

Network management includes cabling, installing servers, routers and switches. This also includes VOIP, Voice Over IP or calling via the network. In addition, the configuration of firewalls, troubleshooting and maintenance of cloud services are also part of our network management.
Finally, we arrange the maintenance of the servers. If you have a local server, this is favorable for the speed of your network, because it operates independently of other servers. However, these servers also need to be updated and move with the changes within your company. In addition, you also want to make a backup of these servers, because if you have to deal with a leak or intrusion in your network, you can always fall back on a secure backup, without requiring a lot of work. That way you still have access to your customer files, documents and databases.

We are happy to give you tailor-made advice about your network and the services we can provide.

System management Amsterdam

L’Comp is located in Landsmeer. Our strategic location allows us to deploy our services in Amsterdam, Purmerend and surrounding areas. We offer support on location and of course also remotely.

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More is needed than just delivering a product. We offer an agreement for general management and accurate care in case of incidents. A relieve for you.

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