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Screen replace-

Screen replaced phone, tablet, laptop

At our location in Landsmeer we have our own technical service where we carry out repairs for business and private customers. Here we also replace telephone screens of various brands. We do this quickly and professionally. So if you want to replace your screen cheaply, come by. Fast and personal service is central to L’Comp. Please contact us and we can make tailor-made advice for you.

At L’Comp you have a new screen for your phone, tablet, laptop within 1 hour.

Expertly assembled | Cheap | Delivered quickly

Having your screen replaced is often cheaper and more sensible than doing it yourself. To replace the screen of your device responsibly, you need the necessary technical knowledge. You also need the right tools. When you have your screen replaced by an expert, you are often faster and at lower costs. After repairing the screen, you get a standard 6-month warranty. At L’Comp we employ ICT and IT specialists who are also specialized in repairing telephones and tablets. With over 30 years of experience, we offer you craftsmanship.

Screen replacement step-by-step plan

We use the following procedure when replacing your screen:

  1. Please contact us or visit our location in Landsmeer .
  2. Based on your description or after studying your phone, we will advise you on the best way to replace your screen.
  3. You will receive a customized pricing.
  4. After approval we will carry out the repair.
  5. We will contact you within 1 hour so that you can pick up your phone.

iPhone screen replaced

We replace the following iPhone screens:

  • iPhone 4 screen
  • iPhone 5 screen
  • iPhone 5s screen
  • iPhone 6 screen
  • iPhone 6s screen
  • iPhone 7 screen
  • iPhone 7 plus screen
  • iPhone 8 screen
  • iPhone 8 plus screen
  • iPhone x screen
  • iPhone se screen

The costs for replacing an iPhone screen from € 47.50. Do you want to replace an iPhone screen cheaply? Then contact us.

Samsung screen replaced

In addition to iPhone screens, we also replace various Samsung phone screens. We replace the following screens, among others:

  • Samsung s6
  • Samsung s7 screen
  • Samsung s7 edge
  • Samsung s8 screen
  • Samsung s8 plus
  • Samsung s9 screen

In addition to phone screens, we also replace Samsung tablet screens, such as the Galaxy Note 8 – 10.

iPad screen replaced

If you want to have your iPad screen replaced, you can also contact us. We replace different types of iPad screens and can do this for you quickly and cheaply. You can contact us for the following screens.

  • iPad screen
  • iPad air screen
  • iPad air 2 screen
  • iPad 2 screen
  • iPad 3 screen
  • iPad 4 screen

The costs for replacing an iPad screen are from € 69.95. You can usually pick up your iPad within the same day.

Replace other screens

In addition to iPhone and Samsung screens, we replace many other screens, such as Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 8 screens, but also Oneplus 3, Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 6 screens and the Huawei P10 and P20 lite.



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