Our cloud services make your work more efficient, cheaper and more flexible. Work processes can be accelerated, the possibilities for communication increase and by ‘going into the cloud’ you can work anywhere and easily back up all important files online. Collaborate online with colleagues, easily share files with no data limit and fully online work is possible with the cloud solutions of L`Comp Automatiserings

With our cloud services you work more flexibly, more efficiently and cheaper

Make Online Backups | Work anywhere | Share files without data limit

Our Cloud Services

Curious about our cloud services? At L’Comp you choose the following Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Storage

A scalable storage, secured and available everywhere. This can provide L'Comp with cloud storage. Working in the cloud offers scalable opportunities and various advantages.

Cloud Backup

A backup in the cloud, safe and reliable. That is what we make possible with L'Comp. A necessity for things like your administration, data and other documents.

Cloud Hosting

No full disks, manual upgrades or crashed servers and lost data: with cloud hosting from Resbo IT we provide you with a scalable hosting environment in the cloud.

Cloud Working / Workplace

Working in a cloud means that you can work anywhere in the world from any workstation as you would at the office. The same programs and access to all your data.

Office 365

L`Comp is also specialized in Microsoft Office 365 and is also certified for this by Microsoft. We can therefore also offer you Office 365 support and services.

Cloud services for business

Using cloud services is an excellent way to work more efficiently. We have cloud services for SMEs and large companies. Certain cloud services can certainly also be of use to private individuals as well. For example, if you want to make use of the possibility to have access to your files everywhere, then the cloud services are also interesting for you.

Our Services

More is needed than just delivering a product. We offer an agreement for general management and accurate care in case of incidents. A relieve for you.

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