Voice Over IP

The meaning of VOIP is Voice Over IP. With Voice Over IP your employees call via the network cable. With the advent of VOIP, telephony and IT have mixed together and become the same technology. The telephone and the computer are connected with a network cable and both are connected to the outside world via the Internet (via the Internet Protocol – IP).

VOIP phone

VOIPWith Voice over IP, your employees call as they used to. They can still use their landline or mobile. However, our VOIP software and VOIP telephony offers unparalleled flexibility, functionality and benefits for your business. We offer very competitive rates and unlimited calls. We use VOIP KNP and the KPN radio network. This allows us to guarantee a very reliable service.
In addition, you can do a lot more with VOIP telephony: links with existing systems, voicemail, create selection menus and call forwarding. The benefits are endless.

With VOIP you can use a special VOIP device. With a VOIP device you connect the phone with an internet connection. If you prefer to use your own device, we will create a separate VOIP account, so that you can also use the device for VOIP.

VOIP also works mobile. With VOIP mobile you make calls via the VOIP WIFI. You then use the VOIP WIFI network. It is therefore important that you have a very reliable WiFi network. We can advise you on this.

VOIP phone number

When you use VOIP, you can purchase a separate VOIP number. If you have a company located at multiple locations, those different locations can use a common number. If you prefer to use a local number to have a local look, you can also do this via VOIP. You can of course also continue to use your current number. This number will then be forwarded to the VOIP system.

VOIP Amsterdam services nearby

L’Comp is located in Landsmeer. With our proximity to Amsterdam, we are strategically located with our VOIP services and services in relation to the areas around Amsterdam, such as Purmerend and Volendam.

Careless ICT support

Are you looking for IT support online or IT support onsite? Then L’Comp is the right partner. Because you are not a permanent employee, we can offer ICT support at times that suit you best. This reduces costs for you, while you can always count on fast and adequate assistance. We are also available 24/7.

VOIP business for SMEs

Small and medium-sized companies can also use VOIP for business, without this entailing high costs. With VOIP business calling you do not need a VOIP exchange on location, but you can do this via our service.

We offer a 24/7 service, so our services are always available and reliable. In the event of a malfunction, we can resolve this immediately.

Are you curious whether VOIP is also suitable for your organization for business purposes? Contact us and we can advise you, without obligation, about the benefits of VOIP SMEs for your company.

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